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Men’s Club 2015
Apr. 15
The Men played Gross & Net
Gross:1st Luke Thompson 37:Tie 2nd Blake Golden-George Zwilling-Ryan Jenner 39
Net:1st Tyler Browning 33:2nd Derrick Ruth 35:Tie 3rd Dan Schonert-Dawson Brown 36

The Men Played 2 Man Blind Draw With Handicap
1st: George Zwilling-Roger Browning72
2nd Tie: Randy Beyke-Kevin Ireland & Luke Thompson-Ryan Jenner & Dan Schonert-Blake Golden & Drew Thompson-Bob Hocking 73

Apr. 29
Men played Gross & Net
Gross: 1st Ryan Jenner 33 2nd Chase Emge 35 3rd Jacob Zwilling 36
Net: Tie 1st Tyler Browning & Doug Kieffer 31 Tie 3rd Randy Grounds & George Zwilling 34

May 6
Men played 3-Man Blind Draw with Handicap
1st Eric Ikemire & Ron Weisgerber & Ryan Jenner 104
2nd Wes Clemens & Jim White & Doug French 105
3rd Tie Randy Grounds & Roger Browning & Jim Kieffer-Pat Donahue & Kevin Ireland & Steve Finchem 107

May 13
Men Played 2-Man Scramble
Gross: 1st Jacob Zwilling-Rob Dean 31: Tie 2nd Kevin Ireland-Frank Fryman & Doug French-Chase Emge 32
Net: 1st Mike Wolfe-Bob Hocking 26: 2nd George Zwilling-Drew Thompson 27: Tie 3rd Doug Spear-Ron Weisgerber & Dave Crow-Jeff Small & Randy Beyke-Dan Schonert 28

May 27
Men played Gross & Net with 1 Mulligan for 9 Holes
Gross: Tie 1st Ryan Jenner-Rob Dean 34 3rd Gage Iles 35
Gross: 1st Kevin Ireland 31 Tie 2nd John White & Bridger Kolb 33

June 3
Men played Gross & Net
Gross 1st Ryan Jenner 35 2nd John White 37 Gage Iles 39
Net Tie 1st Ron Weisgerber & Wes Clemens & Phil Hipsher 34

June 10
Men played Backwards Golf
Gross: Tie 1st John White & Chase Witsman 37 3rd Gage Iles 38
Net: 1st Tyler Browning Tie 2nd Fred Sherman & Brandon Reavill & Bob Hocking & Mike Wolfe 35

June 24 2015
Men played Gross & Net
Gross: Kevin Macy 33 Tie 2nd Doug Kieffer-Frank Fryman 36
Net: Scott Brooks 32 2nd Matt Deisher 33 Tie 3rd Eric Ikemire-Steve Finchem 34

July 1 2015
Men played Small Holes Gross & Net
Gross: 1st Kent Deisher 36 2nd Sean Donahue 38 Tie 3rd Roger Browning & John Talley 41
Net: Mike Wolfe 32 Tie 2nd Wes Clemens & Jeff Thombleson 36

July 8 2015
Men played Gross & Net
Gross:George Zwilling 35 Tie 2nd Jacob Zwilling & Sean Donahue 36
Net: Drew Thompson 31 2nd Mike Wolfe 33 Tie 3rd Phil Hipsher Wes Clemens Tyler Browning 34

July 15 2015
Men played from Ladies Tees
Gross: Ryan Jenner 32 2nd Roger Browning 33 3rd Sean Donahue 34
Net: Dennis Renner 26 2nd Mike McPherson 29 Tie 3rd Randy Grounds & Nate Fowler 30

July 22 2015
Men Played Shamble
Gross:1st Sean Donahue-Ryan Jenner 30 2nd George & Jacab Zwilling 31 3rd Frank Fryman-Kevin Ireland 32
Net: Tie 1st Mike McPherson-Randy Grounds Matt Deisher 25 Tie 3rd Scott Brooks-Steve Finchem Doug McPherson Scott West 28

July 29 2015
Men Played Do-Overs
Gross: Tie 1st Ryan Jenner-Kevin Ireland 32 3rd Brandon Reavill 33
Net: 1st Jeff Thombleson 27 2nd Doug McPherson 28 3rd Phil Hipsher 31

Aug. 5th 2015
Men Played Gross & Net
Gross: 1st Grant Williams 33 2nd Chase Witsman 35 Tie 3rd Roger Browning-Sean Donahue 38
Net: Tie 1st Matt Schrader-Scott Brooks 32 Tie 3rd Kent Reid-Jeff Thombleson-Brandon Reavill-John White-Dennis Renner-Richard Russellburg-Kent Deisher 34

Aug.12 2015
Men played the Ball Down
Gross: 1st Jacob Zwilling 36 Tie 2nd Brandon Reavill-Matt StLedger-Rob Dean 37
Net:Tie 1st Mike McPherson-Mike Wolfe 32 Tie 3rd Pat Donahue-Matt Schrader

Aug.19 2015
Men Played Gross & Net
Gross: 1st Roger Browning 35 2nd Sean Donahue 36
Net: 1st Matt Schrader 32 2nd Scott West 33

Aug 26 2015
Men played Gross & Net
Gross: 1st Nate Fowler 38 2nd Ron Weisgerber 39
Net: 1st Randy Grounds 32 Tie 2nd Tom Brewer-Bob Hocking 35

Sept. 2 2015
Men played Supt. Revenge
Gross: Tie 1st Rob Dean-Jacob Zwilling-Sean Donahue 39
Net: Tie 1st Pat Donahue-Darrick Ruth 36 Tie 3rd Jeff Small-Matt Schrader-Mike Wolfe 37


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