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Womens Club 2015

May 6 2015
Women Played Putt for Show
Gross: 1st Marilyn Small 2nd Judy Donahue
Net: 1st Eudine Tyler 2nd Doris Haase
Chip in Mary Lee Hicks

May 13 2015
Women Played Drive for Dough, accuracy off the Tee gave the Women 4 winners
Judy Donahue-Marlyn Broster-Carlotta Enlow-Judy Williams
Chip in Mary Lee Hicks

May 20 2015
Women played The Good-The Bad-The Beautiful
Gross: Marsha Gritton & Nancy Johns
Net: Ruth Ann Henager & Laura Smith
Chip in Laura Smith

May 27 2015
Women played 4-Lady Scramble
Gross: Ruth Ann Henager-Faye Rodgers-Doris Haase-Dee Fry 70
Net: Carlotta Enlow-Laura Smith-Carolyn Humphrey-Marilyn Broster 45
Chip in Dee Fry

June 3 2015
Women played Poker
1st GiGi Jani & Karen Barker
2nd Judy Williams
3rd Jan Workman
Chip in Marsha Gritton
Next Week Chipmates Tourney

June 10 2015
Women played the Chipmate 2-Lady Scramble Sponsored by Edward Jones, Toni Brines,Tonya Bingham,Josh Farley
Gross: 1st Faye Rodgers-Ravyn Rodgers 74 2nd Marsha Gritton-Susan Harrison 75 3rd Myra Webb-Nancy Johns 78
Net: Marie Caddell-Teresa Saxe 50 2nd Reagan Keepes-Karla Leighty 56 Tie 3rd Lyn Strothers-Laura Smith & Mary Lee Hicks 58

June 24
Women played Scramble
Gross: Kate Ackerman-Ann Henning-Myra Webb 74
Net: Vanessa Brown-Helen Harris-Mary Lee Hicks-Faye Rodgers 63
Chip Ins Mary Lee Hicks & Lynda Deal

July 1 2015
Women played Blind Draw Partners
Abby Leighty & Myra Webb – Mallory Raber & Mary Lee Hicks 70

July 15 2015
Women Fairways & Greens for Points
Mary Lee Hicks 17
Marsha Gritton 14
Vanessa Brown 12
Marilyn Small 11

July 22 2015
Women played Low Putts
Gigi Jani 14
Faye Rodgers 15
Judy Williams 15
Judy Donahue 15
Chip Ins Faye Rodgers & Judy Williams

Ladies Club Championship
Medalist Nancy Johns 86
Gross: 1st Carlotta Enlow 89 2nd Lynda Deal 91 3rd Judy Donahue 93 4th Venessa Brown 94 5th Myra Webb 102
Net: 1st Faye Rodgers 66 2nd Judy Williams 70 3rd Mary Lee Hicks 72 4th Helen Harris 74 5th Marilyn Broster 75

Aug.19 2015
Ladies played Beat the Pro.
5 players beat the Pro with there Handicap
Winners: Faye Rodgers-Nancy Johns-Ruth Ann Henager-Mary Lee Hicks-Marilyn Small

Aug. 26 2015
Ladies played Scramble
Winner of both Gross & Net
Marsha Gritton-Doris Haase-Judy Williams-Mary Lee Hicks, Gross 72, Net 46

Sept. 23 2015
Ladies played Poker
Winners: Mary Lee Hicks-Carolyn Humphrey-Eudine Tyler-Faye Rodgers

Sept. 30 2015
Ladies played the year ending Scramble
Gross: Doris Haase-Lyn Strothers-Mary Lee Hicks-Marsha Gritton 71
Net: Ann Henning-Faye Rodgers-Carolyn Humphrey-Vennessa Brown 53


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